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Armpit Armor is a company started by myself (David), and my friend Richard. We've both had this embarrassing sweat problem for years and had actually been friends for over a decade before we found out that the other had the problem too - we kept the problem a complete secret. When we finally discovered that we both struggled with this problem, we set out to find a solution and Armpit Armor was born.
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Do you sweat like crazy under your arms when you go out?

Deodorants don't work.

Armpit Armor will stop your excessive Armpit Sweat.

Thanks for everyone's patience - Armpit Armor is finally upgraded.


So if you're reading this, I'm guessing you have this weird problem where you sweat like crazy under your arms when you're around people.
Maybe it looks something like this:

So my name is David, 

and I know your pain because I struggled with this problem for years.

Every time I went out, I would get those disgusting sweat marks under my arms.

It was embarrassing, and it got in the way of me being able to get close to people.

I'll tell you a funny story (well, not that funny actually :)

I remember being out with a girl one night, and at the end of the night I tried to hug

her and she pulled away from me - she wouldn't hug me.

In the moment I was confused, I couldn't work it out.

But a few minutes later as I was walking to my car, I looked down at the area under

my arms and it all made sense - the clothing over my armpits was completely soaked

in sweat.

That's why she didn't want to hug me. And I couldn't blame her - it was disgusting.

Now I'm sure you have your own unique story surrounding this sweating problem, 

but maybe you can relate to one or two things I experienced.

I remember doing the weirdest things to try and stop the sweat, or at least hide it

from people.

I'd wear black clothing every time I'd go out.

People would ask me why I wore black all the time and I'd say that I just liked black  -

but the truth was that I was trying to cover up the sweat marks.

I also remember stuffing toilet paper under my arms before I went out. 

It was so bad that I'd start sweating just anticipating being around other people. - it

never worked.

I even tried putting duck tape over my armpits. Pretty crazy right?

It got to the point where I couldn't keep living with this problem. I had to find some

kind of solution.

So I set out on a journey to find an answer - something that would stop the armpit


I read all the books I could find that had anything to do with this sweating problem.

I searched online for solutions.

I tried to come up with my own solutions.

And long story short, after months and months of trial and error,

I finally found it - something that worked.

And its what I'd like to show you, the thing that finally solved this embarrassing

problem for me. 

I can now go out and get to the end of a night,  look down at the area under my arms

and its completely dry. 

It's called Armpit Armor.

Do you sweat like crazy under your arms when you go out?
I'd like to show you something that stopped my embarrassing armpit sweat for good.
And no, its not another useless deodorant :)
  No Armpit Sweat Will Get Through Your Clothing.

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